Power Drill/Driver options for Black Friday

BLACK + DECKER 71-792c Alkaline Drill/Drive 20pc Set

I found this Black & Decker compact power driver at Canadian Tire. It’s good because I asked a guy if I could test it 😛
It only takes 4 AA batteries and it has a manual mode too. Plus, it’s a couple of notches above Mastercraft in build quality.
They didn’t have any compact ones for DeWalt and Bosch otherwise, I would have looked at those. Also, it came with 6 drill bits and 12 screwdriver bits 😛   It was 20$ for the whole set. They have it on Amazon 😛



BLACK + DECKER LI4000 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartSelect Screwdriver with Magnetic Screw Holder

This one is more useful because it functions more like a drill and it can go through anything, but I don’t work with hardwoods a lot so I just need the screwdriver version (the 71-792 Alkaline drive).


So yeah, I decided I’m not going to buy the more heavy-duty Li-ion one. Not that I don’t like recharging stuff but lithium isn’t a green technology and lithium-ion is only about 40% more green than regular lithium metal.


BLACK + DECKER BDCS40G 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver

This one isn’t bad either, just as useful:


but again Li-ion, I have so many unused Ni-MH which are super green compared to lithium.

Which one will I be getting on Black Friday?

Well, assuming the price is the same, the one that has a manual mode  because the bits are better than in that Belkin toolkit I bought a while back and it can take my Eneloop batteries so they won’t just sit there on my desk xD

I love my Sanyo Eneloops which is now owned by Panasonic but they still have the same quality and they can be charged more times 😀



SUPER NINTENDO CR2032 Batteries ^_^

Welcome back old friend ^^

super nintendo

My SNES has been cleaned and is in perfect working order, and my two games that I still have for it, still work! Woot CR2032 batteries 😛

If they were CR2016 like in some Nintendo games they’d be long dead by now, some even had 2025 and they were still not good.
Oh, they’re not really rare or anything (my games xD)—Super Mario World and Tin Star, a popular shoot-em-up back in the 90s.

Tin Star video game front cover
Tin Star
Super Mario World video game front cover
Super Mario World

A couple of years ago I learned to fix Nintendo cartridges 😛 and I’m a semi-pro at it too, I made a good 400$ last summer fixing those things.
The tools are really easy to find online (I will post about my soldering kit soon)—buying batteries in bulk is cheap too.
For my repairs, I use the CR2032 batteries, those last 20% longer than the ones the cartridges come with originally. It just fits tighter but if you’re really cheap with electrical tape it works 😛

Batteries, batteries and more batteries – My research

You know, I’ve been doing some research on batteries, and per volume, they have the highest efficiency of any energy source. They’re like 99% as far as charge efficiency goes, whereas something like a fuel cell or even propane is much lower like 75 to 80%.

Also, this is actually a scientific fact, no two batteries are created exactly equal. It’s rare that you get two fully charged brand new batteries that have exactly the same voltage. I know from lots of testing that this is true.

One disadvantage about batteries, though, is that they need to be recharged often. They’re not as “productivity-efficient” as oil, although their carbon footprint is obviously much lower.

I will keep updating this post with all my findings. Stay tuned!

Makita cordless coffee maker in action with an 18V battery

I’m so excited, I entered a survey contest a while back and I ended up winning a small prize—a Makita portable coffee maker!

It can take any regular format 18 V battery or you can plug it into an AC outlet 🙂
With my 5.0 Ah battery it can actually make 2 full servings of coffee easily—can go up to 3 servings on one charge.
If you make only demitasse espresso servings, it can make 9 servings. Well, 8-9 depending on how much there is in each demitasse.
The way I have my espresso it’s more like 6.5 servings.

After testing my Makita coffee maker, with its first battery-powered brew, all I can say is that it works amazingly.
It’s very easy to clean; it’s made of oil-resistant plastic and the filter basket is made of heat resistant plastic too.

It takes about 7 minutes to brew a full cup, that’s only a little longer than my plug-in Braun drip machine, mind you—this is single serve so I don’t think you can actually compare the two.
The most you can brew with the Makita is 8 oz then you have to refill it. I’m planning to only use it for espresso because 8 oz of espresso is like 3-4 servings—good for when you have guests lol

Watch my Makita coffee maker test video here: